Thursday, January 24, 2008

Post number 260

Ah, so this is post number 260, that magical number that everyone trumpets and heralds as an awesome landmark.... oh, hang on, no 260 isn't really one of those numbers... ah, just shot my lyrical bolt somewhat there, hahaha

I often wonder why people read other peoples blogs, why are often filled with the type of random guff I demonstrate above (although it is my 260th entry, honest). Yesterday I found some blog entries through a search engine relating to my work, there was quite an argument going on between two long term bloggers, each on opposite sides of a workplace divide. Then I realised when it is that most people read someones blog... when they've said / posted something that inspires debate and gets tagged by a search engine or three. In that regard my blog is not a hotbed of controversy (tempting though spouting mildly insulting guff might be).

It is really that this blog of mine is a brilliant record of some goings on in my world over an ever increasing time frame. Like my weight chart (that despite large gaps covers 6-7 years of my life), the blog gives me a chance to review bits of my life over time. I was never a diary keeper, but this is really one; so now I am a diarist of a kind.

I was hearing a friend telling a story of a guy that had kept records of all of his spending in detail over many years (keeping and cataloging till receipts, etc.), and despite the fact my friend was telling the story to poke fun at the guy I found myself envious of that kind of record... how many memories would a life's shopping list hold? Those fun things you bought on a whim long forgotten, but listed in this case a financial diary - brilliant!

I often wish I remember more of the specifics of my varied childhood, okay not that a financial spreadsheet would help me remember the names of the mates I ran around the playground with.... what I am getting at is that records of the seemingly abstract can truly trigger fond memories. When I read back through 260 posts I get a great feeling from recognising my motivations, thoughts and feelings from particular sporting, training, or random events... it doesn't matter that anyone else ever reads them - a blog is very much like a diary you often don't brag about keeping one, and when someone finds it you get a little neurotic, but then remember that it all makes much more sense to you than it ever will to the random finder / browser... wonderful :o)

Clear, calm, cloudless and cold - awesome sunset. (I miss you Grandad).

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