Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No co-incidence!!

It really is no co-incidence that my last burst of fitness activity was in the run up to the arrival of our first child, or that the drop in fitness followed the exciting arrival. If you then put a temporary job on top of all that, and the quest for a better contract over the following months - it all makes sense, doesn't it?

I haven't really kept up with blogging, and ended up facebook'ing baby pics and things instead... if I ever sign up to twitter then I fear for my blogging I really do, hahaha

I know that I got a few pounds (between 3 and 5) over 15st again in recent weeks, but I am really curious to see what my 'official' weigh-in on the weekend might bring. Somewhere around 15st I think, which looking at the trend line isn't all that bad really. Of course being on the move isn't simply about weight, but being functional active and healthy. So I do have quite some work ahead of me in coming weeks.

Happily I do have a target, my rowing buddy (laughingly reffered to as my 'rowing wife') is away for three months and we have resolved to come back to the boat in the autumn fitter than we both are now! Though I think on recent form I have a bit more work to do, but nonetheless targets are key to some good basic motivation :o)

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