Friday, January 06, 2012

1yr caffeine clean - a blogger pats himself on the back a bit

One whole year caffeine free, time does fly. How did I find it? Well truth be told there has been the odd hour of a long day now and then when I have been sorely tempted to 'use' some coffee medicinally, but I easily set the temptation aside. I have found too many benefits to really consider going back on my stance - see my original post on the issue 'Caffeine-free' from back in July 2011.

Perhaps the funniest part of being caffeine 'dry' is the reaction of others, it can be really odd. The drinking of tea, coffee, cola, etc. seems to be hard wired into society, so much so that at many meetings I had noted there is nothing caffeine free available to drink (I once had to take a coffee cup into the bathroom to fill up with water as I was caught out by thirst). People don't seem to know what to do with themselves when you say "That's okay I don't drink caffeine thanks", often they get very animated and oddly apologetic while rapidly telling you how they consume their coffee / tea. It is a little like everyone is mildly addicted (and some heavily) and while beneath the surface very aware of it they only get challenged by it when someone says "No thanks, I don't". It's funny how many friends and colleagues are willing participants in the caffeine roller coaster - awake, charged, tired, anxious, alert, hyper, sleepless, twitchy - and so on. I for one will continue on my merry way without it thanks.

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