Friday, January 20, 2012

Picking up the miles

I have had a real stinker of a cold which laid me up for a few days right at the start of my sixteen week marathon. Even though it hasn't completely gone I have at least this week managed to pick up some miles. Doing 11.5 miles at the start of the week and 8.2 yesterday, with only what I consider (hope are) general stiffness and aches to show for them. When I am looking at training and training plans it is really all about the numbers. The numbers look good for the week, but the numbers ahead are more than a little daunting right now - especially the number "26.2".

It will be tough to turn up to my first marathon likely never haven't done it in training. I am one of those people who feels greatly comforted by complete and thorough dress rehearsals. Perhaps this is being heighten also by the notion that I won't have run on the course before either. Hmmm, I am hoping with following the training plan comes a little more race confidence.

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