Tuesday, February 28, 2012

400th post - which the blogger finds incredible!


[Possibly the most exciting 400th celebration picture 'in the world'
- I plumbed the depths of my creativity here!]

I am amazed that this is my 400th blog post, it is incredible that I am still going. The whole thing has been quite a journey, with periods of heavy posting and of low posting, with changes of emphasis (even blog title), with many varied visitors, with often evolving 'style', and much much more. It is funny as I have said before that this is my longest running journal / diary by some massive distance. Also as I have mentioned before I do this in most part for me, and it that sense it has often proved a valuable motivational aid (a good friend).

What was I actually going to blog about before I noticed that this was number 400? Well, I was going to coo about having completed a tough but reassuring 9 mile run last night (it had been a few days since I was able to run last). Instead I'll save all that for another time - if I remember ;-)

Mild, overcast, with a gentle breeze.

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