Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wittering on Wednesday ...(3)

Are you sure you are not being followed Commander Bond?
Last week my blog following doubled, yes that's right doubled!... to two. Aside from loving the fact that I am excited about it (yeah, I know "geek!"), it is kinda nice to know that perhaps someone might actually come back a time or two to see how on the move 'Andy on the move' is.

Charity worries
I am fearful (as you might know) regarding my chances of getting to the start line (let alone the finish line) of the Milton Keynes marathon at the end of the month but it seems I have kind friends and colleagues willing to sponsor my efforts (My First Marathon). If all things go well I will not be having to issue any refunds?!?!? To kind of sum up how this is all being viewed by those close to me a friend donated and then wrote "You are fantastically mad!! Best of luck!!!..." - says it all really.

Something I noted during the last week...

"If you are training for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October, there’s a lot you can do to make sure you’re fit and ready on the day. Get your Cardiff Half Marathon training off to a head start!"

I will be training very smartly for the Cardiff Half this year, I have a score to settle after missing out on going under 2 hours my 20 seconds last year! During the marathon training (injury aside) I have found some new runs, and know I can up my weekly mileage to really get into great shape for this autumn.... grrr!

And finally...
What I posted on twitter the other day- 
"110mins into a 120min cross trainer session and it takes me two mins to notice I'm listening to "10 green bottles" #kidsmusiconipod #fatigue"
....thing to know here is that it was an 80 minute session and I was 70 minutes in, my mathematics failed me as well as my attention to music! I like to think this madness was because I was so focused on the session and not absolutely dog tired :-S

PS. this post appears to have been powered in large part by the exclamation mark, I can only apologise for my lazily written wittering!!

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