Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wow Wednesday

Wow, it is Wednesday again already, the middle of the week before the week I attempt a marathon (not that I am obsessed at this point! - much). What is 'Wow' today? Hmm,...
The rings have landed in Cardiff, on a wet lunch time I spotted the work crews finishing up outside Cardiff City Hall
Trying to take a more artistic pic of the newly arrived Olympic rings, but frankly I was in a hurry
- plus you might note this is the back of the rings (?!?!)
  •  Wow, the Olympic rings have landed in my home city thanks to the London 2012 games handing out some events to other city venues. The Millennium stadium has football (soccer) I believe - nice that we get a set of colourful ironwork out of it (the cities metal thieves will be looking on and pondering "wow, that'd fetch a fair price").
  • Wow, my physio Leon is a genius (Physio4motion - I have to put the link up again simply because he's good, not cause I'm getting anything in return).
  • Wow, cross-trainers are great bits of kit, but so so boring to use for long stints! If I had the space and the cash I think I would buy just two pieces of gym equipment: an ergo (rowing machine) and a full elliptical cross-trainer. Full body low impact all the way - though actually make that three bits of kit... there would have to be a huge TV too for the boredom ;-)
  • Wow, I really wanna go rowing / sculling.
  • Wow, I have been a good consistent little blogger over the past few weeks. 
  • Wow, my son is getting faster on his feet everyday (he's been walking less than a month).
Finally, wow simply being on the move is great!

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