Friday, May 25, 2012

Feel fantastic Friday

There we are I finally plotted my monthly weight chart to include this year so far (my Weight page), and it looks good. I am pleased that the drop down to around 14 stone has stuck. There were a few years of oscillating around 15 stone that whilst much better than my start point was not especially where I wanted or needed to get to. Truth be told I would like to oscillate more around the low 13 stone mark and that is now a major target for this year taking in aspects of what worked well towards the end of last year.

Taken from my weight page

In other news... sometime soon I really must, must, must make myself make major modifying (momentarily mostly maybe) manipulating, manufacturing musings / missives, managing multi-word menageries moving away from alliterative blog post titles ;-)  [a more contrived sentence you will not see on the Internet today (outside a tabloid news site)].

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