Friday, August 31, 2012

...and finally it is Friday

Finally it is Friday the end of the week and also the end of the month. On the move wise I couldn't be much more pleased, even with a few days away during the month I managed to reach 60 GPS recorded miles of running. As I mentioned the other day that this is the highest total since February, and I hope it is also the sign of a healthy turn about in running fortune.

Next week brings my first autumn race, the Cardiff 10K, and though my sights are aiming lower than I thought at the start of the year I am hoping for an enjoyable solid run. From what I see of the course map it is the same route as last year, so no surprises to be expected. Actually it is a fabulous course winding around the civic centre, Cardiff castle and some of Cardiff's many great parks (on some of my frequent training routes). On top of the route the atmosphere is usually very good, along with the organisation which is friendly and generally efficient. The t-shirts they sent out for runners this year look superb...
I'd like to say I make it look good, but alas it is the other way round - in which the blogger sports a lovely Cardiff 10K tech t-shirt
So September... the plan is to (1) run two 10k races, (2) carry on lifting my training for the half marathon in October (and generating a base for next years second marathon), (3) to keep mixing my training to include pace variation runs, etc., (4) to blog nice and consistently, and (5) most importantly enjoy my family more now I am not mopping about complaining about being ill (sorry guys!!).

Enjoy your end of the week feeling, and have a great weekend (be sure to take it some of the Paralympics it is amazing - be inspired).

Diary - sunshine and high cloud, showers building into the evening. 5.9 miles running, 6 miles cycling. Fab lunch date picnic with my wife and son in the grounds of the castle today.

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