Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun with speed? Really?

Did a very basic little "fun with speed" (fartlek) run today and remembered both why I rarely do them and why I should do them. I don't do them primarily because they can feel like hard work, especially doing a basic 1minute 'on', 4 minutes 'off' repeat session as I did today. The benefits are clear when you see / feel just how you can move with a little 'umpfh' in your effort - I did at one point this morning though feel I was switching between Usian Bolt posture and Zimmer frame shuffle posture for the 'on' and 'off' respectively.

How the splits for each section looked in the final, analysis is shown below. The fifth quick block was uphill so overall I was very happy with the consistency, the last one I kinda let rip a little without although it to turn into an ugly desperate looking final sprint.
In which the blogger summarises his interval run using SportTracks3.1

All in, it was actually fun and really have to discover the interval and fartlek love over the coming weeks... so I can't wait to do the next... gibber!

Heavy rain, moderate winds, very rare glimpses of bright spells during my run.

Post-post addition - there is a difference between 'fartlek' and 'interval' runs I realise, sorry I didn't explain properly here.

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