Thursday, October 18, 2012

A PB does not a smart runner make!

It turns out that a great PB can mess with your thinking a little, I went out for my post-half recovery run and well it ended badly. I went off like a cheap firework rocket - I shot off at speed, peaked, made a lame noise, failed to burst into light and then sank back to earth charred and spent! The run started with my head full (and I mean really full) of ambitions for a next PB and I tried to open out at that kind of pace. Of course my legs soon said "Woo-ah! You forget we're tired!" and let me know in no uncertain terms.

The initial splurge was followed by an attempt to settle into a rhythm which my legs again complained at "Woo-ah! You forget we're tired!". So I slowed again and figured I'd get home round the Winter run loop no problem (yes, it's dark in the evenings and I feel I have to run the street-lit roads now). Once again just passed halfway my legs refrained "Woo-ah! You forget we're tired!", followed by "Seriously mate! We are screwed!"... I slowed to a walk because both calves were in full out rebellion.

By the time I arrived back home my head had had a good lesson in the consequences of over-ambition from the rest of me and we had resolved to be sensible about things. I am still keen on working towards a good PB progression for the half-marathon distance just not all in one training session (duh!). I think I had a serious case of the post-PB sillies, so the next training will be a proper recovery run before we get into the next plan :-)

Diary - bright blustery day, autumnal temperatures and damp ground. Grateful for the support of my family allowing me to go run, run, run, and for the fact that I am able to run, run, run. Miffed by... well nothing today really :-)

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