Monday, December 10, 2012

The aftermath - taking stock of a 'bad' month

The post-November analysis is continuing, though I am feeling a little stuck and frustrated until the after effects of the flu and its companion ear infection have passed. I have been out of exercise mode now for what must be six weeks between work and being ill, and boy oh boy does it show (I am the heaviest I have been for around a year).
I am still a rattling pill pot thanks to the various prescribed drugs for the infection, and it is hard to think about much else when the side of your head is throbbing. It is true that I have a low tolerance for pain and that there are far worse things to be suffering from (I am all to well aware of that), but it is perhaps the timing that is magnifying the apparent pain.

The certainty is that I need to get going as soon as I am well again, and get into a serious training plan... and I suppose there is no time like the present to start putting one together - especially as I have 41 weeks until my first major city marathon!

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