Monday, May 09, 2016

Last week - 'recovery' after a half marathon

I can't say that I have worked out the best way to get over running a half marathon, and last week I tried something different. After running hard on Monday at the Milton Keynes half marathon, and beating my time from a month ago by almost 4 minutes, I opted to keep moving. Not running, but by walking rather than simply putting my feet up. At first it seemed to be working, but then my body let me know what it thought of the plan.

Through last week I began experiencing what I hope is runners knee and nothing more serious. Certainly my symptoms fit and my activities, before the pain and weakness in the joint definitely look like prime causes. After weeks of no running with my back problem I ran the Cardiff half because of an emotional need, and then found I could do some training afterwards, and then I ran another half... too much load to quickly on a body that during my back injury went about expanding in all the wrong ways.

Too much, too soon, well I have never done that before! Generally last week went well, knee aside, and this week whilst trying to curb my enthusiasm I'll be mixing good rest with a couple of sessions (though perhaps cross training and not running).

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