Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Base! How slow can you go?

Right I am having to build this thing from the ground upwards, I am getting injured to often (I'm probably still carrying one with my last knee issue), I am way too heavy (for me), and training for events has just become a lottery (will I 'lose' my entry fee or not, will I be able to complete the training or not).

I ran for the first time in five and a half weeks the other day, I ran on grass, and I ran very slowly. Basically I opted to base train and thus keep my heart rate somewhere near what would appear to be my MAF (I have just started reading all things - maximum aerobic function). Afterwards my knee was not happy, so it will have to a slow phasing in of the slow running, and likely a trip to the physiotherapists office if I see no 'strengthening' or absence of niggles going forwards.

The joy of my second slow run (also on grass) was that it was a much better story for my legs, with no lingering twinges or aches afterwards. However, the actual heart rate part was a mess, I couldn't find a rhythm and so it was run / walk all the way with no sustaining of the run phases for very long at all. It was a sunnier day so may be that didn't help, perhaps I was stressing more about finding the sweet spot of running a good while at MAF, what it was I was frustrated. That said I am more determined to explore this stuff and carefully build a progressive aerobic base... I have a lot of reading to do.

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