Monday, June 06, 2016

Struggling to turn around

After turning a few too many degrees in the wrong direction I am trying to get back into the 180degree turn groove. I am literally starting out at first principles, by doing what my blog title tells me and getting Andy on the move. Keeping things outside of training plans, eating plans, and just sticking to simply doing more in my day. So far in the last few days according to my fitness tracker I have covered (mostly walking) 16.8km, 18.67km, 13.5km, and 17.1km.

It is essentially the thing that you will always read in the fitness magazines, tweets, etc. - "move more", "get off the bus one stop early", "take the stairs", or some similar sentiment. I won't be able to get back to my running without first getting on with the simple simple process of sorting out these small things. Through this simplest of first steps I hope to get the snowball rolling down the hillside to generate the unstoppable giant snow boulder that I hope my next phase of my running / fitness journey will be.

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