Wednesday, July 06, 2016

3 runs in 5 days!

You might well wonder what is going on when I report that I have run 3 times in the last five days given my recent terrible posts of fitness woes. Well firstly it wasn't planned, secondly they weren't very long, and thirdly they hardly mark a complete 'return to form'. Of course I am very happy to reflect on three runs and look to build from here. In fact there are now 13 weeks until my autumn 'target' race and so I have 3 weeks until I have a crack at a 10 week Strava training plan. I have my fingers crossed as the last three runs have demonstrated some areas of weakness...

  • lack of strength - stride length / running action is awful - my calves have been complaining a lot
  • I am way way way too heavy - well, yes, we knew this a few weeks back
  • I can't run in my 'old' shoes (they cause almost instance knee pain) and I can't complete the distance in my 'new' lighter shoes (they don't support me as fatigue sets in) - gait analysis and another set of shoes is required
  • there will be a need to actually follow advice and follow the plan properly for a change and not think I know better
  • realistic goal setting will be critical to my enjoyment not only of the training but of the event itself
  • regular parkrun events with my kids will be useful in making sure I don't do too much tempo work (I have a habit of attacking parkrun like a race and wrecking myself for the rest of the training week)
... I will do my best to let you know how this all goes!

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