Wednesday, January 10, 2007

News and more news

Well what a week so far, meeting and presentations a go-go! Back-to-work, back to training, into meetings and probably into coaching. Everything has gone a bit nuts really, and I am suitably shattered... still it is all very much in the spirit of Andy on the Move :o)

Where to start? To be honest the whole thing would be the size of "War and Peace", and I don't consider that I have that much time...
The breakdown...

Work - back to the grind stone, and New Year of hard work ahead.

Rowing - after a quiet phase due to the weather and Xmas, things are all on again, refining the years plans. I have gotten involved with the fringes of some of the clubs committee structure, and worked out that a coaching course would be a good idea.

Personal - I have found a potential counsellor (more by proxy than going and looking, but that's still better than nothing), we are planning our holidays for the year, and we have put our names down for an allotment (lots of blogging potential there I feel!!).

Other - I haven't yet ridden my bike to work, that will come next week, still easing into the New Year ;o)

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