Friday, August 14, 2009

Double coaching

I had a brief outing in a double scull last night helping a friend get to grips with using two blades. It went very well, they are actually more proficient than I first thought and more so than they gave themselves credit for. I found it interesting that I swiftly ran out of useful things to say, as it was hard to tell what they were doing sat behind them and worrying about where we were going.

Happily in the near future I'll get out in a single along side them with their buddy in a double. Perhaps then I can actually add some proper advice and do a slightly better job of coaching. One of the biggest advantages of coaching always is that your own efforts improve as a result of thinking about and explaining technique in new ways. Doing even a little coaching can put a smile on your face as well as 're-framing' technical knowledge :o)

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