Saturday, August 22, 2009

Further adventures in 'singling'

This morning I continued my recent adventures in a single scull, and tried a different boat. The change of equipment wasn't through choice it was necessary as the river bank was bustling with rowers today. Everyone is in training for the Gloucester and Ross regattas over the up coming Bank holiday weekend. I hadn't realised we had another boat I could use, but the alternate was actually a good looking proposition. It went very well, I managed four trips up and down the river. I didn't fade too much through the outing, although I did have a few sticky patches.

After the event I was quite tired but happy to feel that I am getting fitter each week. Unfortunately my backside is killing me as I forget to take a seat pad with me!! Some of the other crews out on the water looked promising, and I had a good bit of banter with other single scullers. One comment from the bank suggested that I give up sweep oar boats and stick to sculling... hmm, we'll see how things go.

Single sculler
My cartoon sculler rides again!! [Drawn in a my own special way using Microsoft Powerpoint] 
By the way the answer to the scullers question is simply that different boats are rated for different weights of rower / sculler. I had been in one designed for heavier and one designed for lighter, before finding one that was just right.... no, the three bears involved, although as I read that back it sort of sounds like it ;o)

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