Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Recent activity

Hmm, when I say 'activity' in the title of the entry I unfortunately can't report physical / fitness type activity. There has been much going on, but not a get deal of exercising. My weight has remained where it is, in spite of a bit of comfort eating here and there. I have been enjoying a summer cold (no it isn't Swine Flu, I've had flu before and this hasn't been the flu). The weather in these parts have not exactly been summer'y.

I have had to take the train to work, and skip circuit classes in the last ten days or so. It hasn't been nice, but I really have had to pace myself even in day to day activity as I have been extremely fatigued.

I did manage to get out in a double scull on Sunday morning with a 'novice' sculler (I'm a novice too by the way) and it went great. Okay, so I'm not super-coach and she probably has heaps that a 'real' would analyse, but she was proficient and even getting to grips with steering. We were ahead of an eight at the bridge, and I said "lets just put a little squeeze on the legs"... next thing we are at the weir side by side with the eight clashing oars. Several stand out things in that (1) she was totally fine about banging the oars and we showed no hint of rolling, (2) this was a mens eight doing a pressure piece and we held them to a draw from a two length head start at the bridge, (3) as we began to 'race' them the pressure and rate came up steadily - natural competitor that Fran, (4) by the last 150m I was able to near enough give it full beans with no worry of the boat balance or run. It was the kind of fun session that reminds me why I got the rowing bug in the first place :o)

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