Friday, April 15, 2011

"A Most Wanted Man" - John le Carre

Carrying on from (ahem) 2009, I thought I would continue posting my  reviews as I discovered I had a few I hadn't put up. It does mean I'll need to get reading if I want to carry these on for too much longer, but anyway...

Basically as I had been waxing lyrical (or not) about the books I'd read on LivingSocial's facebook app I thought may as well re-publish my opinion for anyone who finds my blog.

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"A Most Wanted Man" - John le Carre

"The book affirmed my belief that le Carre is an absolute master of his craft.  The characters come to life, you are so swiftly and elegantly plunged into their worlds creating connection.  The plot pacing is deft and by turns subtle and stridant.  At the end of the book I did though feel a little crest fallen by the bluntness of the ending, though it did wholly fit the message I think perhaps the author was hoping to put across.
Great read, recommend this to anyone who thinks le Carre is purely a cold war spy author."

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