Saturday, April 09, 2011

Warm spring with everything blossoming

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It seems the a lovely warm spring has sprung in South Wales with everything blossoming, and that isn't just the flowers and trees. Several friends are starting new fitness plans (and blogs), and seem to be doing very well indeed. My wife is doing brilliantly with her running plan to get ready for a half-marathon later in the year. She's already looking lean and strong, so I have to admit to a little envy.

I am still feeling my way back from the broken toe, though happily the four runs that I have done have gone very well.  The usual frustration of wanting to be where I was pre-injury is in full force, even though I am aware of the phenomenon and how to scale back expectation, I still can't help feeling a little troubled.  I am doing a 6mile loop and a 2.2mile loop as ways back into distance and pace running. Before too long I hope to step up the weekend run distances and run for an hour and a half a time.  Yes! I to am hoping to run a half-marathon (and run it well) towards the end of the year.

Hope things are blossoming in your efforts to be 'on the move'.

Ps. I'll pop some blog links in later ;-)

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