Monday, April 18, 2011

Yes & No

Has there been movement in the last few days? Well, yes, in terms of the blog, I have added a group of static pages (listed just below the title bar). They are evolving, I keep changing my mind about how to use them, but for the moment they are:-

Upcoming Challenges - the page follows the title in content, it's what sporting events I am challenging myself with in the future.
Weight page - contains what I call my personal all time weight trend line (it starts in 2001, so isn't strictly 'all' of my time), as well as a brief outline of the history of my weight awareness and blog.
Personal bests - is at the moment incomplete, but will list my previous races, and event results (I might also change the title of the page).
About this blog - is simple a page attempting to explain what this blog is and isn't. Setting out it's motivations and disclaimers.
Links & Kit - is also an incomplete page at the moment, it will contain a list of sites and kit that I have found useful during the course of my blog.

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Otherwise, it was something of a lean weekend in terms of being on the move, apart from the press-up / sit-up challenge. In terms of the 50 press-ups and 50 sit-ups, it is getting easier slowly, and it is definitely making a difference even after a week of doing it. I did sport vicariously by watching a very interesting Chinese Grand Prix, and then London Marathon. The Marathon coverage left me with itchy feet, and looking forward to my next long run.

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