Saturday, August 13, 2011

Long, long run

I didn't set out to do a really long run, it just sort of happened. I was supposed to run for an hour and fifty minutes, but along the way a diversion inspired an idea to run around the bay. Half of the way back up the river I realised that I might he heading for a longer run that turned out to be half-marathon distance. So in the end I ran 13.24 miles in 2hrs 9mins, and was really happily surprised.

All the way around I was trying to work on my posture and running stride. I have been reading in a running magazine about economical running and how over striding can be bad for your knees. Seeing as I have had a few knee niggles I thought it would be good to try out. It turns out that modifying my stride felt far more efficient and comfortable. For 30mins of the run according to the plan I have been following was supposed to be at race pace, even that felt much more comfortable using the shorter stride length. It was quite a shock when I kept looking at the GPS watch and seeing such a healthy pace. In the end I felt some aches in my knees, but I am hoping that that is adjusting to the new stride and nothing more. Only time will tell... I am off to read some more running technique articles to see what else I have been doing wrong?!?!

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