Friday, June 15, 2012

Cardiff Half 2012 - new route - whoop whoop!

Well, I have been waiting with some level of excitement and then this morning on the way to work I saw an 'exclusive' in the South Wales Echo....

Cardiff Half Marathon takes the centre-fold spread in today's South Wales Echo - a very cool way to find out the good news looks great, and will have plenty of variety. It looks pretty flat, though there is one section I need to have a look at (or in other words, take a training run out to have dash along). The potential for lots spectators towards the last third of the course will be fantastic, often the last couple of miles feature the (near enough) spectator free Cardiff Bay barrage section. Fingers-crossed I shake the chest infection I'm suffering to get into some good training soon... I'm getting kind of super-charged about the race just now.

The lake at the top of the picture is where I used to run around and around when I first took up running seriously training for my first ever half marathon, so I am really looking forward to running that section in a big event.

After a quick search it seems the article / route can also be read online at

[Added 19-6-2012] The route can be viewed on the official website 

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