Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Updates and nascent plans

Updating my list of events completed reminded me that there has been a haitus in my running that was not simply due to the upheavels of the last couple of years of pandemic effects but started before that. This year is something of a return to running events (much though perhaps I signed up to too many), and a attempted return to challenging myself to improve areas of my preparation for and participation in events. I have taken some old approaches to this and some new ones too, and happily for the moment things seem to be going in a good direction for me. Yes, I am managing niggles like the calf I had a small pull in warming up for a 20 mile race (a race that then didn't happen of course), and coping with what seems like everyone telling me "you have reached that age you know, shouldn't you run shorter events?". However, I plan to make the next 18 months a focused 18 months of better preparation to run and then see where I can get to.

To say I have plans for next year would be to mirror just about every runner looking to the horizon of better runs and races, but I am hoping to finally turn experience into wiser and more productive running (but not necessarily shorter running 😋).

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