Friday, January 13, 2006

Rowing summer :o)

We have had a list of possible regattas and competitions my crew might be entering this year, along with a commitment check. I'm happy to give this thing 110% so bring it on :o)

Sat 4 March - Taff Head
There is also a possibility of a Monmonth Head.

note: 1000m Saturday and 500m sprint Sunday

Sat 29/Sun 30 April - Evesham
Sat 13/Sun 14 May - Shrewsbury (possibly)
Sat 27 May - Monmonth sprint (500m) (might drop in favor of Sun & Mon)
Sun 28 May - Monmonth (1000m)
Mon 29 May - Hereford City (1200m)
Sat 16 June - Stratford (maybe, as it was cancelled last year)
Sat 24/Sun 25 June - Ironbridge
Sat 8/Sun 9 July - Llandaff
Sat 22/Sun 23 July - Bewdley
Sat 12/Sun 13 Aug - Stourport
Sat 19/Sun 20 Aug - Oxford City
Sat 26 Aug - Gloucester
Mon 28 Aug - Ross-on-Wye

Looks like being a fun summer ;o) Here's hoping we bring in some pots :o)

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