Sunday, January 22, 2006

Running anyone? ;o) Nah, rowing at the mo

It seems that I may have to deeply consider the name of this blog, seeing as I haven't been for a run in weeks (months - Sian just pointed out!!?!?!?).

It has been a busy weekend, we went out Saturday morning, and then again Sunday a little later. For both sessions I replaced the stroke man who is on his hols... Saturday was possibly the better of the two days, I think the boat was well sat both days. I have to work on my side / pace control - although a bit of fitness has meant that I can compress much better at the catch. The whole boat business seems that little bit more comfortable the more I can ignore fitness and get on with learning to row ;o)

Not sure what I am doing Monday night, I am half considering a good run, except it'll be dark - I will probably do strength work on the ergo at the club.

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