Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Busier week

I've had a bit of a busier start to the week, and aside from a few aches it feels pretty good. The training table for this week (at the foot of the blog) is looking pretty healthy. I have been fitting in some morning sessions at the rowing club. I doubt i'll keep it going at that level all of the time, with appointments and commitments over coming weeks, but I will certainly be filling in the early sessions when I can (they set the day up pretty well).

Got an unexpected double outting tonight that was good in patches. Definitely feeling our way into the four oar boat, we know what we should be doing, its just a case of putting it together. I did find that having watched some footage from last years Rowing World Championships I had the stroke much more clearly pictured in my head. I will definitely be watching a bit more of that before the weekend outtings ;o)

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